1. Design Capabilities in Airports and Airfield sector

DEP excels in multilayer airports/airfield consultancy services ranging from Airfield capacity and Airfield Operation, Geometry, Grading, Marking, Pavement and other factors.

2. Design capabilities in Hospitality Sector

DEP Design Services within the hospitality sector encompasses the best space planning programs (Space adjacency Matrix), and incorporate innovations in security systems and technology while satisfying the clients’ vision and thus ensuring the projects values and objectives are met.

3. Design Capabilities in Hotel Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Our Design Consultancy Services consist of the following scope of work and deliverables, structured into 4 phases, in compliance with the Hotel Operator’s requirements, as applicable:

  1. Phase I – Design Stage
  2. Phase II – Tender documentation and evaluation
  3. Phase III - Post-Contract Services
  4. Phase IV – Testing and Commissioning Services

4. Capabilities in MEP design, design review and shopdrawings development

Backed-up by their senior and most skilled design Engineers and Specialists, MEP design is considered as the Company’s core competency, covering all MEP systems

5. Design Capabilities in Healthcare Sector

DEP's expert engineers have long lead practice in hospital design projects including architectural concept, master planning, air-conditioning, building management system, fire and life safety, plumbing, medical gases, water treatment, security, ICT, nurse call and low current among others.

6. Design Capabilities in Structural Steel and Reinforced Concrete

DEP specializes in the design of buildings and non-buildings structures, made of structural steel and reinforced concrete.

Sister Company
based in Lebanon & Egypt

Based in Lebanon & Egypt, ICON was founded to aim the utility and refinement, reaching the high end finishes of the Architectural elegance and the glamorous Interior world.

Created by a group of Planners, Architects, Interior Designers and Landscapers, ICON is acknowledged by its new visionary and innovative management, creating the ultimate combination between functional zoning and attractive spaces, offering a reliable client service in multidisciplinary solutions and value engineering expertise, providing also a quality objective in planning, design and implementation for development projects.